Deirdre Murphy is a contemporary painter.

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Mapping Movements: The Invisible Highways of Urban Birds at the Waters Edge

Ecotopian Toolkit Award 2018

Deirdre Murphy has been awarded a grant by the University of Pennsylvania, Environmental Humanities department to create a large-scale print entitled, Mapping Migrations, that will illuminate the invisible highways in the sky by which birds, living at the urban waters edge of the Delaware watershed travel.

Research and data visualization is in collaboration with John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and ornithologists, Lisa Kiziuk and Allison Fetterman at the University of Pennsylvania. A public engagement component will be held in the Fall 2018 in conjunction with Dr. Bethany Wiggin's, “Liquid History and Floating Archive” Seminar.

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John James Audubon and His Influence Today

Biggs Museum of American Art

Dover, Delaware

August 3 - November 25, 2018

The exhibition features over 50 images from Audubon's iconic Birds of America and Viviparous Quadrupeds organized along themes relating to the naturalist's embrace of artistic technologies, his mixed relationship with natural preservation, his imaging of American regionalism, his heightened interest in scientific observation and others. The work of contemporary artists will be mixed into the exhibition to illustrate these notions and to emphasize Audubon's lasting influence upon the arts.


 Sky Fall

Sky Fall

 Star Cluster/ Stainless Steel and LED light/ 30" x 30" / in collaboration with Scott White  photo credits: Rebecca McAlpin Photography

Star Cluster/ Stainless Steel and LED light/ 30" x 30" / in collaboration with Scott White

photo credits: Rebecca McAlpin Photography

BioArt Residency

July - September, 2018

Deirdre Murphy has been awarded a 3 month artist residency at Integral Molecular. The University City Science Center has partnered with biotech company and uCity Square resident Integral Molecular to host an artist-in-residence program focused on biotechnology.  Based in Philadelphia, the goal of this program is to provide access, opportunity and awareness for artists to explore the ever-changing world of biotechnology.  

Time in the Garden

Morris Arboretum
May 5 - October 28, 2018

100 E. Northwestern Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Through a six-month exhibition, 17 artists showcase sculptures, paintings, photographs, and more that explore varied interpretations of the passage of time in the garden. Time is the essence of gardening and the natural world. Whether counting tree rings, or planting seeds, the passage of time marks the life of the garden. Sunflowers bend to follow the path of the sun throughout the day. Leaves turn colors in autumn as day length shortens. Common names of flowers often express the essential essence of time’s import: daylily, nightshade, four o’clock. Click here to read more about the exhibition.


 Spring Jewel / 48"  x 36" / Oil on Canvas / 2015

Spring Jewel / 48"  x 36" / Oil on Canvas / 2015

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Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station is a nature preserve, biological field station, and environmental education center located near Lake Ariel Town in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Sanctuary’s property covers 545 acres, includes a pristine glacial lake, Lake Lacawac and its watershed; two ponds, arboreal bogs, forests with hiking trails, and a Camp Lodge listed on the National Register of Historic Places.