Deirdre Murphy is a contemporary painter.

Public Art

Public Art

Warbler Migration at the Aster

Deirdre Murphy & Scott White are proud to announce the completion of their major public art commission titled Warbler Migration. This two year project stands 5.5’ h x 25’ w and is comprised of over 500 hand-cut and painted aluminum polygons & 30 stainless steel cast Orange Crowned Warblers. Warbler Migration was inspired by this shy species that resides in the Dublin ecosystem and depicts the migratory pattern and constellations by which they navigate.  The project was funded by Bay West Development for the City of Dublin, California at the Aster Apartments. 2017

Photo Credits:  Daniel Gaines Photography, Matt Faisetty Photography & Ape Tran Studio

Lots to Learn Playground

The William Cramp Elementary school project, Lots to Learn, (2016) provided the opportunity to research birds that migrate from Latin America up through Philadelphia. The majority of children in South Kensington are from Puerto Rico thus I chose the Baltimore oriole whose migratory flight pattern matches the journey their families have taken. A flock of 140 Baltimore orioles ornament the playground fences while over 180’ of the Atlantic Flyway map is painted on the playground. The children learn through art and civic science about the birds in their neighborhood and find strength in their own familial migratory journey.




Sky Paintings

Deirdre Murphy has created a series of four paintings on view at Philadelphia International Airport. The paintings, with their themes of nature and blue skies accentuated with birds and kite-like elements, emulate the exhilarating sense of motion and freedom as one soars through the air.  Murphy’s color-filled compositions will captive travelers as they ready themselves for their own experiences in flight.